Lunch / snack options at school

IST's canteens on both campuses are managed by Food Lover’s Market. All meat items are halal and a sample menu of the Lunch Box, Grab and Go as well as Hot Lunch can be seen here >>. For the daily menus for Elementary Hot Lunches, see the calendar on the left.

To sign up for the Food Lover's Debit Card system, complete the form below and a representative of Food Lover's will contact you with the next steps.

Canteen Debit Card Registration (for students in Grades 3 to 12, parents, and staff)

Students can easily pick up snacks and lunch from the canteen using the Canteen Debit Card. The Debit Card is issued and managed by Food Lover's Market and includes the following features:

  • name and photo of your child
  • encoded information about your child's allergies or food restrictions
  • quick and easy top ups

After registering, FLM will contact you with information about where to collect your card as well as your child's unique card number. Parents can deposit money on the card at either of the canteens.

Any food allergies or food restrictions will be flagged at the Point of Sale. When the card balance drops to a certain limit, parents can choose to receive an automated email to remind them to top up. The cards can only be used at the IST canteens and one card will work at both campuses.