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Writer's Week on the Elementary Campus
Posted 01/24/2014 01:13PM

Out of This World!

by The Elementary Language Committee


 Grade 4s in a writing workshop with the visiting author, Marc Tyler Nobleman.


Marc Tyler Nobleman tells Grade 2's about Bill Finger's life.


Marc Tyler Nobleman comments on a student comic.


Rupal Ganatra tells the ECs a story about clouds, chocolate and dreams.


 An EC student shows her invisible story dragon to Ms. Happy.


Wow, what a great Writer’s Week! The students were so motivated to write. We had visiting authors and a storyteller to inspire the children. The children were captivated by author Marc Tyler Nobleman's presentations and loved learning more about the creators of some of their favourite superhero characters. Not to be outdone, storyteller Rupal Ganatra, Director of My World Preschool in Dar es Salaam, enchanted the EC and KG classes with her skills in emergent story telling. Finally, Nadir Tharani, architect, writer and painter based in Dar es Salaam, presented his work to students in Grades 1 and 2.

But the one thing that caused the most excitement this week was the unidentified object that appeared in the playground on Monday morning. The object was installed over the weekend as a writing provocation. Students were inquiring, communicating, cooperating and hypothesizing. There was a distinct buzz around school.

We have to thank Patrick Heard and his group of students from the DT department at the Secondary Campus for creating the unidentified object. We would also like to thank the two ‘experts’ who the children interviewed (Daniel Hayuk and Antoine Gorse). Their role play as a scientist and journalist, respectively, helped our students investigate the nature of the unidentified object.

Our expectations were surpassed this week: what started as purely a writing provocation has extended into all areas of our curriculum. Students have been true inquirers as they:

• Have sent letters to Wonder Welders (a local non-profit organization that creates welded artwork)
• Emailed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (who responded with some great questions)
• Applied mathematical and scientific skills to investigate further
• Worked on breaking the code written on the object
• Have truly collaborated within and across grades

It has truly been a wonderful week of learning, discovery and enthusiasm. Thank you to all of the IST staff and community members who worked together to make this such a success for the students.


Students read the markings on the side of the unidentified object.


Investigations were underway early in the week.


The object was created by the Secondary Campus Design Technology department and installed on the Elementary Campus to promote inquiry and writing. Thanks to all who participated in this great week of writing!


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