International School of Tanganyika Alumni

You are iST.

We take great pride in you as our alumni and your accomplishments around the world. Our IST alumni community is one of rich diversity and history. You are what make our school what it is today.

Each year, IST alumni come back to the school for events or as speakers, they attend social gatherings and establish and strengthen bonds they made while at IST. For current students, the alumni provide a strong network for possible jobs and guidance for career and university choices.

As for alumni, whether it’s connecting with fellow graduates and creating a community beyond your time at IST, coming back to IST to speak with students or signing up to be a mentor, you’ll find endless benefits of joining our Alumni Network.

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Our Business Directory

If you are part of the IST community - as an alum, faculty member or parent - and have a business in Dar es Salaam or the surrounding community, we want to invite you to join our business directory.

We’re investing in this directory to support local businesses and the entrepreneurial endeavours of our alumni around the world, and to create a sense of community.

So, why you should join an online business directory?

  • To enhance your online presence
  • To improve your visibility locally
  • To improve your discoverability
  • To boost your SEO with an authoritative backlink
  • To create brand awareness

Our Alumni Network

The IST community is one of vibrancy and of camaraderie. Our Alumni Network fully integrates with social networks and cultivates a culture of helping and giving back. Benefits of joining include:

  1. Re-connecting with fellow graduates
  2. Giving back to the community
  3. Expanding your professional network
  4. Advancing your career

Joining the IST alumni exclusive portal is easy. Former students and staff can sign up with either LinkedIn, Facebook or email.

The Alumni Association

The association is open to all former students of IST, with the responsibilities including:

  1. Ensuring an accurate database is kept of all former students of the school who wish to become life members
  2. Facilitating contact between the members of the alumni
  3. Promoting the good name of IST at home and abroad
  4. Providing newsletters during the year which will keep members of the school up-to-date with improvements and activities of other former students
  5. Organizing functions which will bring former students together, such as reunions
  6. Supporting the activities of our school

Words from the IST Alumni Community

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I enjoy being part of the whole community and I have been lucky that because of my children I could be a part of the school again. I always have positive things to say about the school and I felt thrilled that out of so many alumni, I was the one representing them all.
Shamima Bhalloo, former President of our Alumni Association
The best part about attending IST was the wealth knowledge I gained by being in such a culturally diverse environment. The standard of education was incredibly high, which inevitably meant that year one of university was a breeze.
Miranda Naiman, founder of Empower
The CAS program was/is very rich. I think that these service opportunities went a long way in shaping our sense of social justice and civic responsibility.
Sean Powell, full-time for the NYC Department of Education as an English and ESL teacher. He is also Co-Director at The Next Frontier Inclusion (NFI), Education Across Frontiers and Learning Across Frontiers
Everything is still so familiar and where I always felt safe as a child. And now I am making it a safe and fun place for all the kids. That’s quite amazing. Reminds me of my family a lot and how I grew up.
Kirsten Rooney, full-time teacher in Kindergarten

Opportunities For IST Alumni

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We are working hard to develop ways to support alumni engagement both with each other and with IST, to show our graduates just how much we value them. Here are six opportunities available to our alumni:

  1. Touring campus at any time
  2. The IST Alumni Network
  3. Alumni hours on campus
  4. Care packages
  5. Alumni socials
  6. Mentoring opportunities

“We hope that IST is able to support enhanced communication amongst our vast alumni network, both online and in-person through alumni events,” said our Director, Dr. Mark Hardeman.

Click here to find out more about opportunities for our IST alumni.

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Child protection is extremely important. IST’s Child Protection Policy (Section 7.15 >>) together with procedures to verify the previous employment for new job applicants is part of our commitment to ensure all members of the IST community are informed and educated regarding symptoms of child abuse for the protection of all of our students.