Grade 6 leading the re-introduction of recycling at IST

Grade 6 are leading the reinvigoration of the IST recycling program. Josephine Heynes was the winner of the design competition for the logo, with an empowering slogan - '6th Grader Sea Savers'. Avril Lavim from Ecovengers, one of the TAT's (Take Action Tuesdays) then created the poster for all collection boxes throughout the school from Josie's design!
In the first collection of paper homeroom 6C can be seen with the large bag of paper that will be recycled through IST's recycling partner 'The Recycler'. This is the first step in the ongoing re-introduction of recycling at IST with the lofty goal being 'closed loop recycling'. The goal is for everything that comes onto campus to be consumed,recycled or upcycled.
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