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Tuition For The 2024 - 2025 School Year

IST is committed to challenging, supporting, and inspiring every student who joins our community. Each of our programs are balanced in such a way that each student has the opportunity to explore and develop in areas that they are interested in or passionate about.

Personalized learning is critical to student achievement. The way we learn as individuals is as unique as we are; we retain information in different ways, and our approach to learning and our holistic focus is designed to accommodate each student at IST. 

Regardless of their career path, IST has a long-term impact on our students. Our graduates are future-ready; their minds are forward-thinking and globally aware. We are committed to building a thriving community of students from diverse backgrounds who are passionate, empathetic, and driven.

Annual Tuition Fees (2024-2025 S.Y)
Grades Tanzanian Shillings (Millions) USD($)

Early Childhood 1-2

46.20 17,400
Kindergarten - Grade 5 67.44 25,400
Grade 6 - 8 78.32 29,500
Grade 9 - 10 83.10 31,300
Grade 11 & 12 (IBDP 1&2) 95.58 36,000

*Subject to change depending on exchange rate. Current exchange rate = 1$USD = 2,655 TZS

*IST reserves the right to change exchange rates from time to time depending on the market conditions

Should you wish to pay in TZS, kindly contact the Billing department for banking information and exchange rate ruling on the date of payment on the following e-mail address: Or telephone nos. +255 684 228882; +255 684 228883; +255 22 2152350 (Extension 237 or 239)

Parents are encouraged to pay in equivalent TZS


Other Fees In Addition To Annual Tuition - Excluding Interest

TZS in Millions
New Student
Annual Capital  Fee 3.19 1,200
Annual Tuition Deposit (deductible from the 1st tuition payment) 2.66 1,000
Building Fee - Grade 11 &12 26.55 10,000

Building Fee - Early Childhood (EC) to Grade 10.

Option 1- Payable in full

Option 2 - Pay in three installments over the course of three years







Alumni Fee 0.27 100
Family Deposit 1.33 500
Application Fee 1.33 500
Current Exchange rate 2,655  


Guidelines And Terms For Payment Of Fees And Refunds