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Working At IST

All successful International Schools have at least two things in common. Highly dedicated, highly qualified teachers and a management team committed to the well being of these teachers. IST is a place where these two meet, building upon each other to produce an unrivaled reputation for growth and success. Throughout more than 50 years of experience, IST has created an environment that attracts exceptional candidates for their teaching positions. We've rightfully earned this reputation by providing teachers with all the tools they need to reach and make a difference with their students, while at the same time maturing themselves professionally.


Professional Learning

IST has robust professional development opportunities for all learners.  Professional learning is a shared commitment to high performance. It focuses attention on effective teaching practices in order to raise the quality of teaching and to benefit students, teachers, and the school. We invest and foster a school culture that promotes life-long learning, collegiality, and shared decision-making. We work together, learn from each other, and share best practices on effective teaching and learning.  The 3 main areas for professional learning are: