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Message From the School Director

Our mission is to challenge, support and inspire our students to fulfil their potential and improve the world. Founded in 1963, we have been working with expatriate and Tanzanian families for over 50 years. Our longevity and strong international reputation has been developed through effective partnerships with our local community, strong academic results, and a well-balanced curriculum which allows students to explore their passions and interests.

IST has many strengths as a school community; a rigorous academic curriculum, experienced and devoted faculty members, strong parent support networks, excellent facilities and a belief in a balanced educational program. That being said, our greatest strength is our commitment to the unique nature of each child we serve. This belief pervades all that we do, and is central to our ability to reach our mission.

We are extremely proud of our school and the opportunities that exist for all students within the IST community. I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our school’s mission, vision, values and programs. If you have any questions about IST, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

Go Twigas!

Dr. Mark Hardeman

IST Director


Once a Twiga always a Twiga

Shamima Bhalloo
I enjoy being part of the whole community and I have been lucky that because of my children I could be a part of the school again. I always have positive things to say about the school and I felt thrilled that out of so many alumni, I was the one representing them all.
Shamima Bhalloo, former President of our Alumni Association
Miranda Naiman
The best part about attending IST was the wealth knowledge I gained by being in such a culturally diverse environment. The standard of education was incredibly high, which inevitably meant that year one of university was a breeze.
Miranda Naiman, founder of Empower
Sean Powell
The CAS program was/is very rich. I think that these service opportunities went a long way in shaping our sense of social justice and civic responsibility.
Sean Powell, full-time for the NYC Department of Education as an English and ESL teacher. He is also Co-Director at The Next Frontier Inclusion (NFI), Education Across Frontiers and Learning Across Frontiers
Kirsten Rooney
Everything is still so familiar and where I always felt safe as a child. And now I am making it a safe and fun place for all the kids. That’s quite amazing. Reminds me of my family a lot and how I grew up.
Kirsten Rooney, full-time teacher in Kindergarten

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