Strategic Plan

This strategic plan was originally adopted in March 2018, and was the result of a highly consultative process which included surveys as well as open meetings with parents, students, alumni, and staff. The suggestions from the community were incorporated into our goals, hence setting the stage for advancing IST further, closer to achieving our mission.  During the 2020-21 school year, IST received a visiting team from the Council of International Schools, the Middle States Association and the International Baccalaureate.  This process, along with feedback from the IST community resulted in a revised Strategic Plan that will guide the work of the community in the coming years to challenge, inspire and support our students to fulfill their potential and improve the world.
The strategic plan is oriented around three main goals: Personalized Learning, Engaged Community, and Ensured Sustainability. The full document can be downloaded here.

Aim One - Personalized Learning

We believe that personalizing each learner's experience leads to greater motivation and engagement which maximizes learning. Within the curricular framework IST learners will be:

  • Engaged in flexible, stimulating learning environments
  • Empowered to explore interests, having a voice and a choice
  • Active learners, engaged in differentiated instructional practices and assessment methods
  • Using digital content and tools in a purposeful way
  • Increasingly independent learners demonstrating growth


  1. The written, taught and assessed curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners.
  2. Creation and implementation of the technology plan in order to ensure that future developments of media and information technology address the long-term needs of the school.
  3. Professional learning opportunities are designed to have a positive impact on student learning.
  4. Ensure IST is recognized globally as an exemplary IB World School.
  5. Continued development of IST’s inclusion programs to support personalized experiences for all learners.

Aim Two - Engaged Community

IST is a vibrant learning community that relies on effective communication to ensure that all stakeholders are devoted to the collaborative success of IST students. IST strives to develop effective partnerships to ensure that students have access to a network of experts within Tanzania, and around the world. A well informed, interconnected community embraces IST's values, supports the school, is concerned about its continued success.


  1. Build and sustain a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for all members of the school community.
  2. Continued development of partnerships with local and global individuals, organizations and alumni to enhance student learning.
  3. Develop and review processes and systems to enhance communication within the IST community

Aim Three - Ensured Sustainability

In support of IST's vision to be a global leader in the education of internationally-mobile young people, long term plans are in place to align financial resources to support excellent facilities and a world-class faculty and support staff. These long term plans help to facilitate communication amongst stakeholders, build support for educational programs and financial expenditures and maintain transparency within the community. As a tuition-dependent school, IST maintains fiscal discipline to ensure that financial resources are utilized effectively.

Goals - Ensured Sustainability

  1. Continued review and implementation of master site plan - with focus on inclusion and access as well as facilities to support innovative programs
  2. Review procedures to retain and recruit employees who are aligned with our strategic plan.
  3. Improve IST’s ability to work more sustainably and align environmental frameworks to improve our educational experiences and operations.
  4. Enhance processes for creating, auditing and reviewing IST policy and procedure documents.